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Excellent Quality

Tonasco has strong emphasis on Quality Control. Each week, our QC department measures between 400 to 600 parts. Our policy is to perform 100% QC on all the dimensions of a part. Our stringent In-Process QC policy allows us to achieve high yield at the final QC inspection with predictable quality.

Tonasco has an extensive Quality Control department with a large team of Quality Control personnel. Our Quality Control department is well equipped to measure precision tolerance up to +/-0.002mm.

Our extensive list of measuring equipment includes 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), Video Measuring Systems, and, among others, Digital Height Gauges. Every single part measured is delivered to our customer with a Tonasco QC Report.

Continuous investment and improvement in our Quality Control methods and policies ensure that Tonasco can deliver high quality parts and modules that meet our customers’ ever more demanding quality standards.