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Tonasco Smart Factory 2020

Through tenacity and perseverance, Tonasco Team has achieved a great milestone on our journey towards
Industry 4.0. After tackling many expected, as well as many more unexpected technical challenges, our first
concept module of Smart Factory is finally successfully implemented and in production since January 2020.

Without the support of our Technology Partners: #Makino, #Zoller, #Erowa and #NCSimul (by #Hexagon),
this journey of #Tonasco Smart Factory 2020 would not have been possible. From building Digital Twin of
our 5-axis CNC-machine, to implementation, of NC Simulation Software, to automating Tool and Workpiece
Presetting cum Data Transfer, to robotising Production Process, and to automating Job Controlling and
Monitoring through Job Management System software; our team and partners have, within less than 1 year,
accomplished one of the most challenging technology integration and implementation in our company history.